• ‼ - real name?
  • ✺ - eye color?
  • ✁ - hair?
  • ☿ - zodiac sign?
  • ☃ - tall/short?
  • ❅ - any sports?
  • ✈ - hobbies?
  • ❤ - single/taken?
  • ツ - any pets?
  • ☂ - favorite season?
  • ✐ - fave types of movies?
  • ❣ - how would it be your ideal date?
  • ☣ - phobias?
  • ☠ - fears?
  • ✘ - hates?
  • ° - ever were close to death?
  • ♧ -..... on drugs?
  • ♠ -.....smoked?
  • ♦ -.....had alcohol?
  • ❥ - sexual orientation
  • ♚ - favorite eye color?
  • ♛ - favorite hair color?
  • ♪ - music you like?
  • ✌ - favorite bands/ singers?
  • ♒ - fave animes?
  • ❦-.fave characters?
  • ✿ - fave kind of clothing?
  • ღ - mottos?
  • ✬ - photo of me?

Things I forgot!

 Some things I forgot to say! I know a few people are waiting on rp responses, prompts and messages and that you’ve been waiting since last night.

 The thing I forgot to say is … Sunday my time generally belongs to everyone else in the house. I’m pretty much good to go until 2pm rolls around but once that hits I’m lucky if I get ten seconds to breathe let alone do fun things of my own. That’s also often movie  night so even once the kid’s in bed I may not be around. 

 I generally manage an hour or two after supper but not always and that’s not much time so I tend to not get into things at that point. So while you might see me posting on tumblr I’m probably not really doing anything. And once 9:30 rolls around I’m generally gone for the night!

 So if you’re waiting on something from me on a Sunday I’ll probably be getting back to you on Monday! That said I am SUPER tired right now so I’ll be getting back to you once I’ve woken my butt up.

 Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up so no one got upset if they saw me posting pretty pictures (my kindle lets me do that while movie watching!) but not getting back to them for things!

 And … I hope you’re all having a great day! <3

The Ratz



They are vile creatures. Beyond conditioning. They will destroy you. They don’t care. They only watch after their leader, the Rat King. They will even destroy each other if given the chance.

Don’t wander too closely.
Don’t show any fear.
Don’t approach them.

And if you value your life,…